northampton places you have to see


You have probably been to Northampton a lot of times, but you will only know the town if you’ve actually explored it. Let us take a look at some places which are not often spoken about and yet they are worth checking out.

1) B&Q’s car park

Yes, this might seem like an extremely unusual place to visit, but it is actually a lovely place to hang out. The multi-storey car park has great views and you can stand at the rooftop and enjoy the sight of the town when the weather is nice.

2) Queen Eleanor’s Bridge [which was not meant for cars]

This bridge is quite special as it was originally built in 1290. What you see nowadays is an replica, but it still looks lovely. It was built for Queen Eleanor of Castile who brought the first stone from Lincolnshire.

3) Oxfam Bookshop, St Giles Street

This place is full of hidden treasures as there are many second-hand books to be found here! Even if you arenot a bookworm, this is still worth the visit as you can find records and CDs.

4) Crooked Chimney [The Brickmakers]

This place is quite famous for its lovely atmosphere and good food. It might take some time before you get to order your meal, but it will definitely be worthwhile!

5) Around TheShires

The Shires is a very popular shopping centre, but it contains the surrounding areas as well. If you are not interested in shopping, you can go there to enjoy lovely views of Northampton.

6) The Quayside

Yes, this might sound like yet another pretty place to visit and while it may look like one,it is also a popular nightlife spot. Therefore, if you are here during the evening, do check it out as there will be many people hanging out and enjoying themselves!

7) The River Nene

Northampton might not have any beaches, but the river Nene has lovely views as well. If you want to go for a walkand enjoy the fresh air, you should definitely head there.

8) The Racecourse [Stewartby Avenue]

This is another part of Northampton which has lovely views andinteresting buildings. There are some shops and cafes around so it is a perfect place for a hot drink in the afternoon!

9) Wilkinson’s Clock Tower [Blackwell]

This clock tower was built in 1832 to commemorate the coronation of William IV. You can climb 10m up and be rewarded with lovely views.

10) The River Nene Canoe Hire Centre [St David’s Park]

If you are a kayaking enthusiast, this is an ideal place for doing some sport!